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Zeppelin has a track record of placemaking. For over 40 years, we’ve innovated the delivery and development of mixed-use projects to Denver’s urban core neighborhoods.

In 1972, founder Mickey Zeppelin stopped practicing law to focus on entrepreneurial real estate development. Mickey has set the standard for innovative investment and involvement in the neighborhoods Zeppelin works in. As a result, Zeppelin has helped to redefine some of Denver’s linchpin neighborhoods: Lower Downtown, the Golden Triangle and River North.

lower downtown

1970s LoDo would be unrecognizable today – the neighborhood was filled with underutilized properties, blight and few public improvements. Working collaboratively and inclusively with existing businesses and residences, Mickey, who was President of the LoDo District, helped develop a neighborhood plan that maximized LoDo’s overlooked assets – setting a precedent for Zeppelin projects going forward. LoDo has since become the fastest appreciating and most desirable mixed-use neighborhood in the Denver metro area.

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golden triangle

After a decade in LoDo, Mickey turned his attention to the adjacent Golden Triangle neighborhood. The area had suffered from years of industrial decline and neglect, which accelerated during the economic downturn of the 1980s. As President of the Golden Triangle Neighborhood Association, Mickey once again spearheaded a collaborative effort between the private and public sectors to develop a plan for the area. As part of the Golden Triangle Urban Design Committee, Mickey contributed significant input in the development of the civic landscape, including the library, art museum and judicial center. Today, the Golden Triangle is home to several thousand residential units and is a designated State Cultural District.

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river north

As a child in the 1950s, Mickey would visit the vibrant manufacturing district of River North with his merchant father. By 2000 the area had significantly changed, a once booming industrial area was now proliferated with abandoned lots, underused buildings. However, there were some interesting things going on in the neighborhood, which had been appropriated by a vibrant community of artists. This, along with the areas unique history, proximity to the South Platte River and easy access to LoDo and the central business district presented a rare opportunity for placemaking.

Beyond our projects in the neighborhood, Zeppelin has worked with the local community and municipal government to help the area develop inclusively –– closely supporting the development of Design Guidelines for River North and spearheading work on infrastructure projects like the Brighton Boulevard redevelopment, the pedestrian bridge at the 38th street station, River North Park, the 35th streetscape design and the Art Bridge over the Platte River. Today, River North is the state’s largest arts district and one of the most rapidly growing urban neighborhoods in the country.

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